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Blog: Why I Bought A Thermomix.

Blog: Why I Bought A Thermomix.

Why I bought a Thermomix.

Why did you fork out so much money on one appliance?
That’s a lot of money to pay all in one hit!
Can’t you just cook on the stove?
*Insert judgemental facial expression here*

These are the questions (and added judgemental looks) I received when I mentioned to some people I had bought a Thermomix. Yes, two thousand dollars is a to of money to spend on ONE appliance, and yes I could cook on the stove, but we have 4 growing always hungry children and I needed to be super fast in the cooking department. So, lets be real here….most nights, especially if my hubby is working late or is on deployment, I can’t be bother to cook and would rather let my children fend for themselves aka live off 2 min noodles, tinned spaghetti or toast. Enter my close friend who is a consultant.

This friend of mine, bless her cotton socks, knew I wanted one. She gave me everything I needed to know, so off I toddled home armed with info to convince my husband that it is a good investment, cause lets face it, anyone who knows my husband knows how cheap he is….He initially said no. It took me a week to convince him and within 12 hours of that ‘oh my god, yes ok you can buy one’ I had ordered it. 🙂

Now to why I bought one.  Ok so I’ll admit I am not the best cook. I have learnt a few tips and tricks from my mum and friends along the years, but nothing has oomph, nothing was ‘wow this is amazing!’ in the taste department. Before kids I cooked spaghetti, bangers and mash and stir fry…thats it. I lacked imagination and stuck to those three things. Totes boring right!? Our first child arrived and it was the same then I discovered I suffer from fibromyalgia. So anything processed or full of preservatives made it flare up. I found cooking from recipe packets and prepackaged foods simple, fast and affordable but my health paid for it in the long run.

Now?…It’s a whole new ball game! Now I am making bread and many other things from scratch, FROM SCRATCH!!!! I had never made bread or anything for that matter from scratch. Plus I have branched out and I am making some god damn yummy meals! My fibro has been the best its ever been, all because I am using fresh ingredients. Winning! Plus the thing does everything!

People say its expensive to eat healthy. Whats more important? Convenience or your health? I shop around for produce, meat and baking essentials. I make sure I buy things on special rather than ‘because my family like that brand’. Yes, initially to buy ‘essentials’ is the kicker, but once you have established your basic items you add as you go. I don’t buy essentials each food shop, I buy it all once a fortnight plus the ingredients needed for that weeks meal plan. Easy peasy!

I weekly meal plan, so I know what we are having from Sunday to Sunday, sometimes we still fall off the wagon and have what my girls like to call ‘Whatever Night’ but mostly I stick to the meal plan. Some meals have been a flop, some have been a huge winner.
My girls are picky eaters, I never thought they would eat made from scratch butter chicken…I was wrong. They gobbled that shit down like it was lollies! Baking for school lunches is now a breeze! Just everything is made easier! I dedicate one day a weekend to baking for the week ahead for lunches, plus I know whats gone into their lunches.

My Thermomix saves me time on cooking. Risotto in 20 mins anyone? No seriously, its that quick. Which gives me more time to spend with the girls and my husband rather than slaving over the stove and then cleaning every single pot I manage to use. With the Thermomix…its one pot! (majority of meals) We can enjoy what I like to call our ‘fake-away’ nights and still feel we have treated ourselves.
All in all…We are eating healthier, saving time and money all at once. You get my drift. 🙂

I highly recommend buying one if you can!

Do you own a Thermomix? What are some of the reasons you purchased one?

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