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Blog: Well That Escalated Quickly!

Blog: Well That Escalated Quickly!

Welcome to one of many blog entries. I have decided to make more blog entries as well as the regular recipes we try. This week was a huge one, and this mamma is exhausted, mentally and physically. In the words of Ron Burgundy..’Well that escalated quickly’

When you have kids you constantly worry, well I do. It’s normal right? Yesterday Matilda ended up being ambulance transferred and admitted to hospital 7 days post her tonsillectomy. Way to make mammas heart race girl. 😳

A week ago she had her tonsils and adenoids out, this was something that needed to be done as her tonsils were abnormally large, which caused snoring and her having tonsillitis more than usual. So we had the op to better her quality of sleep and so she would be less prone to being sick, especially during the winter months.

Fast forward to Thursday 5th October. All was well, she was eating and drinking as normally as she could for the 6 days since the op, we were on top of the pain with Panadol and throat spray but yesterday she felt “off” and didn’t eat breakfast and had a nap out of the blue, something she hadn’t done for at least 4 days. So I assumed it was her body telling her “hey slow down let’s rest” and let her nap.

Upon waking she asked for Panadol, while I was preparing her dose all I heard was “Mum!!! I’m spewing.”

I ran into her room to be confronted with a massive puddle of what looked like digested blueberries, upon closer inspection I then realised it was blood clots. A lot of blood clots. She then projectile vomited more blood and was clearly in distress. A quick dash up to the emergency department and things in my mind went from it’s just a complication to holy shit this is serious!

Dr explain to us that this is quite common to bleed 7-10 days after a tonsillectomy and it happens more often than you’d realise, but it is very serious. It’s nothing Matilda did or we didn’t do, just something that can happen. We were ambulance transferred from Rockingham hospital to Fiona Stanley.

Big thanks to Ash and Nathan, our ambulance drivers, you definitely put this mammas anxiety to ease with your awesomeness and compassion.

We arrived at Fiona Stanley, or FISH as the ambos call it, placed in the children’s emergency ward and within half an hour the ENT specialist came to assessed her in, explaining that because this was an unprovoked bleed she would need to be in overnight, possibly longer to be sure she doesn’t bleed again. If she did happen to bleed again, she would be rushed to theatre to stop the bleeding. In the meantime she was on meds to stop the bleeding in the veins rather than at the tonsillectomy site.

One sleepless night later, (thanks to hourly obs 🤦🏼‍♀️) we seem to be past the worst of it. There has been no further rebleed. Thank god! Cause the amount of blood she expelled scared the fucking crap outta me. Her bedroom floor resembled a murder scene!

Thankfully all this happened while James is ashore and not at sea. His work were amazing and let him leave to attend to the other 3 girls who I had to leave at home (Molly is capable and old enough to watch them, well I think she is)

So at the moment we are awaiting the arrival of the ENT specialist to assess her again. Then hopefully, fingers crossed we can go home today and recover at home. Lucky girl gets another week off from school, (because of the unprovoked bleeding) too risky sending her to school. I’d rather have her at home if it was to reoccur.

Having a child in hospital is a stressful time, thankfully this is something we can control but I take my hat off to parents who have children in hospital all the time! You’re all amazing.

Big thank you to the staff at Rocky and Fiona Stanley hospitals.

Fingers crossed we go home today!

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